Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013.
Pirate lost in the oceans of cyber space. Methinks I have gone to Davy Jones Locker in search of Johnny Depp. Right now I am a potter paused!!!!!?
This is not my work but isn't cute?

Monday, May 16, 2011

ceramic journal continued

To complete the first project 'Object' I decided to fire and glaze the remains of my hexagon columns.  I  covered the bisque piece with black body stain and then with a wet sponge rubbed most of it off trying to make sure the folds of the wrapped clay were emphasized. I applied a transparent glaze over this and fired to 1260 degrees in electric kiln. Why did I do this? Indeed this piece looked as it was broken, unfinished! I looked upon it as a test piece so that if I had the chance again I would have an idea of surface design.

I also tried another hexagon shape. this time a more solid form. This I also wrapped but I used different clays. White stone ware, earthenware and a yellow coloured clay (stoneware and yellow body stain mixed) fired at 1060,  then stained with black body stain and covered with transparent glaze and fired to 1260.

Conclusion: I found interesting qualities in my results firstly the pieces looked structural. I found the addition of the coloured clay an interesting effect but what was most reamarkable was the reaction I got from my class mates. Because of the use of the transparent glaze which had high gloss, the pieces became very tactile. It seemed that the biggest desire of most people who saw them was to touch them even stroke them. This I must remember for future projects.


Work shops in relation to the project.
Decorating with  sprigs and under glaze.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas in Argentina

Christmas 2010

O'malleys all, that's me in the front right and my brother Harold beside me.

After a gruelling 12 hour flight I landed in Buenos Aires and experienced an emotional reunion with my brother whom I hadn't seen for 11 years. The warmth of  the Argentinian summer soon thawed out my bones frozen by the hard winter back in Ireland.

 It all seemed so unreal celebrating Christmas with blazing hot sunshine. Too hot to go exploring but my brother took me to see the following ceramic artist and I was suitably awed by her story and her studio.

Angeles started ceramics when she was six and is now fifty. She never went to college and believes in the saying 'learn by doing'.She works mainly with stoneware and enjoys experimenting with glazes.Her work is shipped all over the world and indeed she is sometimes so busy she has to delegate much of work to her apprentices and even send  her pieces to other ceramitists to be fired. Her studio was very busy when I went there but she still welcomed me as if I was an old friend and was very interested to hear of my own ceramic journey.

Here are a few of the pictures I took of her work.

pots for gardens

                         Angeles in her studio / shop

Angeles in her back garden.
   Check what she does with her
damaged pots behind her.
              With the help of an old gate as a trellis, 
                        her brokenpots become attractive flowerpots
      espeicially with her bright glazes


Monday, January 10, 2011

ceramic journal continued

With this as my starting point I began to experiment with making hexagonal cubes.
first the clay. I experimented with paper clay both porcelain and stoneware mix. The porcelain paper clay was premixed from supplier and the stoneware I made myself with tissue paper and slip.

I also tried dipping pipecleaners in slip .  I wrapped some of these coils with thin stips of the same clay and found this to be the most like the effect I was looking for.

So using ordinary stoneware, I extruded coils long enough to cut to shape. I then cut and joined small pieces to create a hexagonal grid similar to that of the chicken wire.


Then using tubes of card for support I constructed the first tier of my object. I then wrapped each column or coil with thin strips of clay.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ceramic journal 3d work

I began with my 3d work, building structures inspired by the wasp's nest(see previous post)......

Tissue paper and glue

Wire,string and wax

Lolly pop sticks and
masking tape

Chicken wire and masking tape

This is now my starting point for my clay piece

Friday, January 7, 2011

ceramic journal.

The interior of a wasp's nest

One of Natures marvels! How an insect can form such a structure with no tools other than its mouth and legs never ceases to amaze me!
 Choosing this as my object,  I hope to do it justice with the many tools available to me. To study it and be inspired by it : to come to my own conclusions and a final structure which may not look like this amazing object but will contain its essence.